A trapezoid window seat cushion is a pillow that serves as a seat for those who look out the window from the seat. A trapezoid window seat cushion can be made using a few simple steps:

Measure the diameter of your window and add 1″ to your measurement. Measure the length of your window and subtract 5 “-6”. Add the measurements together and divide the sum by 2 to get your trapezoid cushion base measurements.

Purchase foam that is firm enough for shaping; it should not sag or compress. You can purchase foam at most home-improvement stores, but make sure you give yourself plenty of time to work with it. (Don’t try this project on a weeknight.) Purchase enough fabric for one side of the cushion plus two extra yards of the same material; you will use some of this extra fabric as ties on the other side.

Using a ruler, draw a line along the inside edge of your window sill that is 1″ up from the floor. Use this line as your cutting guide. Cut two trapezoid-shaped pieces of foam using your design as a guide. Trim fabric so it is approximately 2″ more comprehensive than the first piece of foam you cut.

Turn one trapezoid-shaped piece of foam right side out, then layer one layer of fabric over it, right side down, with about 2 “-3” left hanging over both sides of this piece. Pin the fabric in place. Turn the remaining foam piece wrong side out; layer it right side down over this first piece of foam; then pin the remaining sides of the cushion. (Do not turn this second piece right side out.)

Line up one trapezoid-shaped piece of foam next to one window sill, then lift your other trapezoid-shaped foam and slip it under your first piece to form a “V.” Pin to hold in place temporarily. Next, use an awl to trace around your nail heads so you can sew along with them once you take them out. After sewing, trim foam along the edges to fit. Use an awl to trace around your nail heads again to sew along with them again. Run a needle and thread through the foam, so you have two holes for your ties. You are finished!

Some Striking Ideas for Cozy Window Seats

These ideas will surely help you as you embark upon the journey of making your window seat. So Let’s start discussing each of them.

Through this method, the coziness of the window seat will be increased exponentially. More cushions can produce a more significant barrier between the cold outside and your warm, cozy interior. The addition of flowers, plants, or pillows can also make this method visually appealing.

If you have lots of designs that are just begging to be shown off all day long, then adding curtains to your window seat will come in handy. The curtains can specify any theme you’re feeling at the moment, from nautical to plaid-checkerboard- polka dot! You have so many options it’s hard not to get excited about curtain shopping for your next project!

It’s so easy to create the illusion of a window seat even when you have no window at all. You can build a shelf for your window seat using simple yet pretty types of wood, such as pine shakes, pinewood slats, or wicker. Getting creative with this gift is bound to have everyone around you marveling over your craftsmanship!

Solicit closer neighbors for their help in blocking whatever rays of the sun will enter your cozy room during the day. It will give you more time to finish decorating!

It is one of the most popular hand-me-downs, even for those with no idea how to make their window seat. To finish off the look, hang or grow a few trees or plants on your window seat, either close to it or at a middle distance from it. The purely decorative factor adds so much more to your window seat than just anything else!

Another easy way to finish off your window seat is by using frames made of wood that are rustic in design. You can also go for other colors if you want to give your window seat an eclectic feel.

If you want to give your window seat a rustic look, then you can use it to apply all types of stains or paints. If you don’t know how to create one, just get inspired by pictures or photographs of painted window seats already floating around on the internet! You can even use different paints to create an interesting pattern on the wood of your window seat.

It is yet another great way to add coziness and colors to your window seat. All you must do is use fabric from bolts that you bought at a discount or any that you’ve inherited from a relative. You can then turn this into a type of throw that can be used as a cushion!

If you want to add more pillows, the excellent idea is to use throw pillows. The idea behind this strategy has been borrowed from the interior designers of the past- using throws will make whatever color or print the curtains already have stood out with even more vibrancy.

If you want to have the perfect theme for your window seat, then it’s best to choose a color scheme for it instead of just slapping any color you feel like. It will give the overall feel of the room a hint of professionalism that will be appreciated by everyone who sees your window seat!

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Window seats are among the most famous pieces of furniture to be found in houses. They are also one of the most accessible pieces to be designed, made, and decorated. Thus, if you are an avid DIY-er, you can get creative with your window seat and cushions.